You must be on YouTube and you must always be promoting


YouTube is one of the premiere social media platforms designed for getting the word out about you and your business and to be an intricate and important player in your SEO strategy. The billions of users it has are simply there for you to drive to your site and to turn them into conversions. Your videos are ready and now you need the strategies to properly promote them and drive that traffic.

  • As with any of your content, keywords are, indeed, the key. YouTube has just tons of tools to help your videos get noticed. Again, like any good marketing effort, your videos must be packed with calls to action. These are your commercials to engage those potential customers and drive them to your site.
  • The first place to start with your promotion is your own social network. That includes friends and family as well as your entire business network from other small business owners to suppliers, vendors and all other business contacts.
  • Your videos need to be at your site as well as on all of your social media networks. The more exposure they get, the greater the audience which means more traffic and conversions for your business.
  • Get those videos out on YouTube promoted at all of the search engines. This is where your SEO marketing team will play a crucial role in the development of an efficient system to promote your videos. Get your business alliance to work for you. Approach and work with those companies that are already getting huge ROI out of at YouTube. Get a collaboration going with those companies that don’t directly compete with you but are complimentary and are trying to attract the same customer base.
  • Your YouTube channel must appear everywhere in your SEO and general marketing efforts. You must let everyone know that you have a channel and that your videos are engaging and informative and will make a difference in their lives.
  • Get those professionals lined up. The SEO pros know what it takes to do this and can be a huge help. They are not a cost but an investment in your company’s future. Also, don’t be afraid to get a quick PPC campaign going to jump start your promotions especially for a new video.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer