SEO metrics you must embrace to win

Creating and embracing certain SEO metrics and data points is what is going to keep you ahead of your rivals and what will enable you to compete with the big boys and girls in your industry or profession. The reasons for all of this are many but it is mostly to keep up with the constant tinkering done by Google with their search algorithms. So, exactly what are those metrics and data points you need to establish and be on top of?

  • First off, you must be aware of the sources of your traffic. Where is it coming from? You must know if you are actually reaching and  driving your target audience. Checking this metric at least once a week will allow you to, not only see where they are coming from, but to examine those keywords and content that drove them there.
  • Do you have conversion goals? If not, it is time to put some together. Ultimately, your goals should always be conversions, making those sales. After all, that is the only reason everyone shows up every morning. However, other goals can be just as important and can help you focus in on those things that are taking the customer by the hand and leading them to the sale. Did they buy something? Did they download a coupon? Did they subscribe to your blog or newsletter? Track your ads and the visits to your landing pages too. All of these data points can get you closer to where you want to be.
  • Finally, check your blog posts as well as staying on top of your bounce rate. Content is important to your SEO, your social media and your traffic. Good informative and engaging content significantly boosts your SEO and it is what drives traffic from your social media platforms. Your bounce rate is critical to your overall marketing strategy because it tells you how long people are staying at your site or a particular page. If people are only staying for the blink of an eye, then what you are doing isn’t working. This is extremely helpful with regard to tweeking your brand so that they are not only staying but are staying to buy.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer