Some social media trends you need to be ready for

In the ever shifting and evolving world of social media, there are a few trends that have crested the horizon that you need to prepare for. As you plan your SEO and social media marketing strategies for the coming year, here are some serious trends that will make themselves felt in the coming year.

  • Some immediate trends you probably should be enacting now are the trends toward personalized information and content as well better understanding the social media audiences you need to target. You likely have specific demographics you have been selling to so your content must be tailored exactly for them. Audiences these days, according to recent research, no longer have any patience for irrelevant content. When they visit a site, they want content that directly targets them and their needs. This, of course, means you must be more attentive to your data and your analytics. You must know what they want so you can deliver it to them.
  • All of the social media platforms have begun to overlap each other and that trend looks to intensify. All of the platforms are employing all of the latest tactics and technologies so the difference will be, once again, to know your audience and know where to find them. Most people are on several of the social media sites so your data gathering becomes ever more critical to your ongoing social media marketing success. Understanding the overlaps will allow you to more wisely invest in those platforms that will produce the greatest ROI for you.
  • Within the coming year almost all of the social media platforms, especially Facebook, will be almost entirely mobile in its customer applications. You must aim your marketing strategies toward the mobile user if you haven’t begun to do so already. The other innovation that will only get more pronounced is the use of chatbots for customer interaction and customer service. The last couple of generations are, most assuredly, of the instant gratification persuasion and chatbots will make instantaneous communication more effective for you with regard to brand awareness and driving traffic. The chatbots will allow you to more quickly and effectively engage with customers and drive them to your site.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer