Some marketing resolutions for the new year

Staying on top of your branding and your SEO and your social media marketing can sometimes be exhausting. Especially social media where things seem to change on a daily basis. With half of the reported world’s population out at the social media platforms on a daily basis, there are a few new wrinkles and resolutions coming soon that just may inspire you to step up your game and stay ahead of your rivals.

  • What is being seen are the removable of “like” buttons. Instagram has done it and many platforms are following suit. It seems less a self esteem thing and more of an accuracy thing. Many experts are finding that “like”‘s are not that accurate a way for a brand to monitor and measure engagement. It will now be all about the real data that you can take immediate action on.
  • As has been mentioned here, and pretty much everywhere, countless times before, video ads and content are going to become even more crucial to your social media success in the coming year. Recent data suggests that nearly 85% of all world wide web traffic is now video content. While written content will always be a priority, there will no longer be the luxury of ignoring video. Do so at your brand’s peril.

  • If your demographics are the teens and twenty-somethings, you may want to start investing in the Chinese invented TikTok social media platform. It has been gaining some serious ground and attention. If you aren’t already, you must segment and personalize your social media marketing. If you aren’t doing these two things you need to make a new year’s resolution to do so. Otherwise, you may just be flailing away and looking like an amateur outfit not to be taken seriously.
  • Your audience wants to be more engaged and connected with you. This must be attended to because other opportunities are coming soon like being able to directly purchase what you are selling right at your social media platforms. Influencers will continue to be important to your social media success as will a huge opportunity to establish trust. Social media is fast becoming the best way to secure trust and credibility so get those grease boards out and start setting strategy now.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer