Does your website decide your company’s fate?

Does the very life of your business depend on your website? The answer, of course, is a resounding “yes!”. It is where your driven traffic comes. It is where you have an opportunity to make a sale and create a loyal fan for life. Your website is so critical to the success of your business that you simply can’t leave anything to chance.

  • According to long time research, you only have around eight seconds to impress a visitor enough to make them stay and navigate around. So many judgments are made in such a short span of time. Making it easy enough for them to navigate is your primary focus but, more than 98% of the time, customers are judging your company, your products and your services by your website. Your credibility as a business rides on the credibility of your website.
  • Remember the tried and true rule that a potential customer will need to be exposed to your brand around seven times before they pull that sales trigger so you need them engaged when they visit your site. Color and movement are the immediate keys to success. You can’t confuse the eye with a bunch of useless graphics that have no design value. Too many small business owners leave their site designs up to their “graphic designers”. This is a huge mistake because they know next to nothing about marketing, color, movement and efficient design that must eventually lead your visitors down the path to conversion.
  • Your website only exists for one reason and that is to make conversions. Anything at the site that is not somehow making that happen must be eliminated. Think the color of your “buy now” button doesn’t matter? Too many companies have switched the colors of their buttons and saw conversions increase as a result. Video is, right now, one of the most persuasive weapons you have to make conversions. In fact, video boosts conversion rates by nearly 150%.
  • Calls to action must be everywhere and your site must be designed in such a way that even a child could find their way around easily enough. Make them really have to work for it and they are gone. Attention spans are almost non existent these days so you must hold their hand all the way to the checkout.
  • Don’t forget those giveaways and special discounts. Also, you will need gripping headlines as well as quick and easy forms. If you make them tell their life story on any of your forms, they are gone. Make them hesitate for even the blink of an eye and they are gone. Constantly A/B test until your website is, finally, a lean mean conversion machine.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer