How will you adapt to the voice search revolution?

Voice search has begun to make it presence known in a big way. This may, in the very near future, cause a true revolution in the way SEO and social media marketing is approached. The world of online marketing is nothing if not continuously fluid and, at times, even chaotic. Voice search has begun to make serious inroads and will be here to stay. How will this affect your business in the long run?

  • According to recent research released by ComScore, voice search looks to be around half of all searches to be conducted come the year 2020. Other research has indicated that, as of right now, about 40% of all searches are being done via voice. As voice recognition software and the accompanying technology grows in sophistication it will greatly shift the way many people, especially the teens and the twenty somethings, perform searches.
  • As the younger generations continue to act like they are in a Star Trek episode, searches may become more complex and keyword strategies may have to be adjusted for it. The use of long tail phrases may begin to take on a greater importance. The rise of smart speakers are encouraging consumers to contact and make purchases at websites using voice only. Overall product and service presentation will likely have to shift to accommodate this new search parameter.
  • Fortunately for most businesses, voice is only, at the moment, reasonably useful for a quick search and is not suited to longer and more involved research type of searches. As these digital assistants continue to remain stuck in a search pattern of only seeing the relevant top few listing on a SERP, your SEO will have to become more focused as rank will become critical to your survival in the future of voice.
  • For now, review your keyword and keyword phrases strategy but know that most voice searches tend to stay local. Becoming more dominant in local search can only help your prospects. You may end up focusing on only a handful of keywords in an effort to dominate the top end of a SERP rather than to try and be everything to everyone.
  • Also, begin to brainstorm how your online and PPC advertising may change as voice search will cause consumers to interact with your advertising in new and unexpected ways. Finally, know that it will continue to change and evolve which is why those companies that wish to stay relevant will also continue to change and evolve with the SEO winds.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer