The future of social media will look like…

z159 Your online presence as a small business will begin to take on more importance as the future of social media and search engine optimization begins to mature. As social media and social media marketing strategies begin to evolve, there are a few future trends you may want to keep an eye out on.

  •  Social media users hover around the 1.8 billion mark as of now and the numbers don’t look to decline anytime soon. Where social media is definitely heading is mobile. Your online marketing efforts have, by now, adjusted for the huge increase in mobile use. If not, what are you waiting for? If you are not optimized for mobile, you are going to be left in the proverbial dust. Your site and your marketing needs to be responsive in design to accommodate this mobile migration or you’re losing out on some serious traffic and conversions.
  • Perhaps the most significant future trend in social media marketing, as well as your online marketing in general, is going to be your use of visuals. Photos and videos are going to play a significant part in your future marketing efforts so get prepared. Social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram have gained ground and will continue to have a serious impact on future traffic. Recent research continues to unveil the fact that visual content, when incorporated into your marketing efforts, brings a huge and measurable increase in both traffic and conversions.
  • Businesses will be looking too build their brands through instant marketing in real time as well as through brainstorming ideas that are likely to go viral. Viral content is, of course, the marketer’s dream but it is difficult to pull off. Nonetheless, companies are going to be more concentrated on it in the future.
  • As mentioned before, Instagram will become a major player as will, believe it or not, LinkedIn. Both platforms offer the opportunity to reach vast and different audiences and the press will be on to take advantage of them especially with LinkedIn’s B2B possibilities.
  • Finally, as always, your social media marketing content must continue to be of the highest quality while continuing to be engaging and creative. It all begin there, with your content be it written or visual. Content marketing is here to stay and the priority it has been give by the search engines, especially Google, will mean you need to play and you need to play to win.