Need a social media strategy that actually works?

Finding a social media strategy that actually works time and time again can be a tricky thing. Are you spending enough time trying to put a cohesive strategy into place? Do you have the right people handling it? If something isn’t working are you staying with it? Does your business spend enough time out there building your brand and driving traffic?

  • The first thing you need to do is to develop a plan to where you are out at those social networks that feature your target demographic. You don’t need to be everywhere. Study the networks, know who your customers are and then go and get them.
  • Stop preaching and talking. You need to listen to what they are saying. They will tell you what they want and need. Respond to comments. All of them. If you only respond to the negative, that is all you are likely to attract. Negative comments offer you the opportunity to strengthen your brand and fix a problem. If you just ignore it or delete it you are simply sending the message that your company only cares about certain people.

  • Start selling rather than just babbling on about how great you are. This is where you need the right people in place. Too many small companies have the wrong people handling their social media. This is an area of your marketing that demands your best sales people. Tell your story, especially with video. Know that your best sales people will uncover needs and wants and drive those conversions.
  • Remember to relax and be casual out there. Allow everyone to see the real you and the real company. Have fun. Give stuff away and have contests. Don’t forget to do some targeted advertising at the social networks. If you can drive a following, just remember that those satisfied customers are certainly telling their social network all about you.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer