Producing powerful videos are your key to brand success

Perhaps the best weapon you have in your branding arsenal is a stirring and powerful video. Video will likely bring you your best ROI in the long run and video has proven an exceptional method for delivering your message as well as driving traffic. However, for a video to be truly effective with regard to building your SEO, your brand awareness and your traffic numbers, there are certain elements that it must contain or it is, quite likely, going nowhere.

  • The first thing to be determined is what your video will be about and who it will be aimed at. Will it be a branding film or a how to? Will it tell a story about your products and your company or will it explain your products? Perhaps it will feature customers who have loved your products or services and are doing a testimonial?
  • You must engage them hard and quickly. Nearly a quarter of the viewers will click away before 20 seconds. Keep your video to two minutes or less. That is a long enough commercial and research has shown that the two minute video has shown the highest overall engagement. Remember to concentrate on bringing value to the viewer’s life rather than the focus being solely on the hard sell.
  • Two minutes is a heck of a lot longer than you think. You must engage the whole way through. Don’t be boring. Be different. Experiment with more than one particular type of video. After you have made the most powerful video you can, you must next decide where it will be displayed. Which social media platforms are you going to post it at? What audience is the video aimed at? Never forget your data. Your data is everything with regard to evaluation. How did you do on views? What was the click through rate on it? Was it liked and shared? Were comments made? Putting everything together in a comprehensive way to produce a powerful video is no easy thing. If done right, however, it can crank up your ROI far beyond your original expectations.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer