Shocking branding stats you must know to drive more traffic

Your brand is everything. It is how you present your company to your customers and, more especially, to your potential customers. The very future of your company depends on the success of your branding. There is plenty of recent research out there that reveals much for a savvy marketing team to take advantage of in an effort to take your branding efforts to the next level.

  • Just at Facebook alone there are over 30 million small businesses out there and many of them are your competitors. Research states that nearly 80% of people trust a brand that creates and posts its own original content more than those that just throw up any old generic content. Blogs continue to remain critical to your marketing as well as your SEO. Companies with blogs are generating nearly 70% more leads than those businesses that don’t have a regular blog.
  • Email has increased almost 200% on mobile devices over the last couple of years so that many small companies have begun to really focus on intense email branding campaigns. In this vein, branding messages and content reach more people in a positive light when company info is shared by employees. Also, nearly 80% of people surveyed in many studies ignore ads that are placed on search engines or at the sides of a page at a website. They seem hesitant to click through.
  • Your reviews and your communication is critical to your branding success as almost 85% of people these days rely on reviews when making a buying decision. Also, nearly everyone expects that a brand’s presentations and image will be pretty much the same wherever they go be it the website or a social media platform. It helps them to feel comfortable and therefore to trust the brand that stays consistent with its messaging.
  • You only get one first chance to impress someone as nearly half of everyone who comes to you will evaluate your future use to them based only on that one visit.  Pay attention to your logo as the human brain processes images better than text which is why so many major brands include an image with their logo. Purchases are made in relevance to a brand name and it is important to try and get there first. People rarely ask for a tissue. They normally just ask for a Kleenex.
  • Name recognition is everything as around 70% of people want to follow a brand across social media platforms so your consistency, again, is everything. Investors,, over 80% of them, will base their investments on how strong a brand is and how well known it is with regard to name recognition. Finally, put some emotion into your presentations because research continues to find that over 90% of us are pulling that buying trigger based on emotion and feeling.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer