Staying in the digital marketing loop can get tricky

If there is one thing about digital marketing that never changes it is that it is always changing and evolving to accommodate the latest in consumer buying behaviors. Marketing directors are constantly scrambling to keep up and make certain that any new strategies and tactics can be deployed to benefit their clients. But for the small business owner, private consultant and solopreneur, it can get rather tricky to stay abreast of all that continues to happen.

  • For any business these days, there is no escaping the need to be heavily invested in the digital marketing world. Your SEO, your traffic to both your place of business and website, as well as your conversions, depend upon it. Too many small businesses continue to focus on social media when their is so much more than can be done to drive traffic and make conversions. In fact, recent research strongly suggests that email campaigns are far more effective than social media and that businesses must use that along with PPC campaigns, SEO enhancement, native marketing and targeting as well as so many other tools and strategies in order to effectively drive traffic and grow your business.
  • You need to begin concentrating on mobile as cell phones have come to dominate search and are quickly replacing desktops and laptops. They account for well over 60% of all searches and more and more consumers are using them to access products and services as well as content and videos.
  • And speaking of video, it will come to dominate online marketing. Within the next three years or so, it is predicted that video will comprise over 80% of all the content on the world wide web. While written content will continue in its importance and usage, video must be integrated into your online marketing strategies or you will not be able to compete in the long run.
  • Finally, personalization is the latest buzzword that will be here to stay for quite a long time. As audiences and demographics begin to fragment, content must be developed that directly addresses those particular personalities and niches. Using content that is too general will not drive the traffic you are looking for anymore.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer