Your keys to success in a mobile first world

It is fast becoming a mobile first world. More and more customers and buyers are searching and finding what they want and need through a mobile device rather than a desktop or laptop. In fact, according to recent research released by Google Analytics, at least 40% of all searches are coming from mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. Within just a couple of years, this figure will be well over 60% and will continue to grow. Forrester Research has declared that cell phones will account for nearly 35% of all sales in the United States this year. So, what are your keys to success in this new mobile first marketplace?

  • The first thing, of course, is to make sure that your website and landing pages are optimized for mobile viewing. If they are not already, then you are way behind. You must be optimized for mobile viewing or your site and landing pages will not look normal on a mobile device. Make sure your default view is set up for mobile devices. Laptops and desktops will see a modified view when they visit you and that will be just fine. It is time to think mobile first.
  • With a mobile first strategy, speed is everything. You have less than three to four seconds to load and engage or your audience is likely gone. Latest stats and research says that the average site takes about 22 seconds to load on a mobile device. Even though that is the average, so many companies are losing out if they are not loading within a four second time frame. If you can load your site within three seconds, your bounce rate will only be a mere 30 percent.
  • Video and images are also another critical key to your mobile success. All of your images must be of the fast loading variety. Loading on demand and file compression can help with the proper speed and size for your images. Video is an important factor in the success of a mobile based site. Time and again, research has born out that landing pages that contain video have an 80% conversion rate. In the end, you must make your mobile marketing a serious priority. You must do everything right and must coordinate everything with all of your other marketing efforts such as your social media and SEO.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer