Can your marketing make you more exciting?

Let’s face it: some businesses are just not perceived by the public as being all that “exciting”. You love your business and have worked hard to establish it and to grow it but some industries and professions are just viewed as rather “boring”. So, how to use your marketing to create that spark and drive more traffic?

  • Focus on providing your visitors with solutions. Every business solves one or more problems. Be bold with regard to showing them how you can solve their problem even in ways they have never thought of before. If your business tends toward the complicated for most people, having a library of how-to content will do the trick every time. Showing them exactly how everything will work toward that final solution will play a huge role in future conversions.
  • Customer experience and the buying journey are important facets of your overall marketing strategy. Create a video or an e-book that shows a typical customer as they go from discovering they have a problem to understanding how your solution will improve their lives. It is all about gently educating and creating a vision of clarity. In this vein, creating PDF’s that can be easily downloaded can also work wonders for those conversions.
  • Graphics, illustrations and videos are, perhaps, the best way to really turn on the excitement. Show them everything. Explain everything. White papers are a known lead generator and do something creative like showing just half of a video and asking them for their email address so that they can watch the rest. Latest research says around 80% of viewers will do it.
  • Be compelling and engaging. Get your sales people involved. They are the ones, after all, who really know how to sell your products or services. Don’t be stuffy or seem unapproachable. The more approachable you seem, the more you will be approached.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer