Lead generation trends to jump on now

Nothing is more volatile, or ever changing, than online marketing. One of the few things that doesn’t change is the importance of lead generation to your inbound marketing and sales efforts. The opportunities to go out and to do some serious lead generation are more prevalent than ever but you need to keep in mind certain trends and wind directions.

  • Not too long ago, social media seemed like somewhat of a dice roll with few options and even fewer opportunities to gather helpful demographic data. Now social media platforms are everywhere and many of them are niche specialties that you can take serious advantage of. The data is there now and the social media access has greatly expanded. Your business can even venture out to Snapchat or Instagram to advertise and attract the customers you know are there.
  • Current lead generation trends lean heavily toward those companies that actually know what they are doing. Companies must know who their potential customers are and where those potential leads can be found. The trends today are on personalization and the customer experience. Another constant trend is breaking down your marketing and your advertising so that particular campaigns, and even specific ads, are customized for a particular type of customer and demographic. You must know what they want from you and then you must deliver that to them.
  • Again, you will not be everything to everyone. Your lead generation has to be short and to the point. It must exist just to drive traffic. When you begin to follow the current lead generation trends, and your SEO and social media marketing is beginning to click, you must be ready for the traffic. Are your customer service and sales people ready? Is your site ready to turn those leads into conversions? These days, the trends point to “easy”. That is what your potential customers are looking for. Make it easy for them to find you, make it easy for them to understand why they need you, and make it easy for them to pick up thier phone or click that “buy now” button.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer