Ranking factors that matter right now

Search tyrant Google continues to add and to tweek its ranking factors to the point where there are, now, over 200 of them. As companies move forward over the following months, they need to keep in mind some of these changes and movements so as to improve both their SEO and their rankings.

  • First off, be certain that you are optimized for mobile search. You will quickly become irrelevant if people can’t find you on a mobile search. Slightly over 60% of all searches take place on a mobile device so you must be ready. The latest search buzzword for Google is intent. You must have your keywords and long tail search phrases prepared and launched.
  • Following, perhaps, the two most important factors of mobile ready and intent search, Google’s main focus is also measuring a site’s click through rate. It is no longer enough to attract new traffic with keywords. You must now be conversational in your search and be aware of what your potential customer is intending to say and look for.
  • I that vein, your content must be a serious consideration because it is for Google and the other search engines. Your tags and your HTML need to also be cutting edge and specific. Along with your content, which must include video, are your backlinks. Too few smaller companies are paying enough attention to their backlinks. This demonstrates authority in your field or industry and counts for much in a SERP.
  • Finally, it is user experience that Google is looking for and what will set you above your competitors. This use experience includes page speed, time spent at your site and, of course, your bounce rate. Your page speed is especially important for mobile users. Mobile first is how Google is now thinking so if your pages are taking longer than three seconds to load, you will likely fall in the rankings. The longer a potential customer stays on your site and navigates around, the more relevant the search engines, especially Google, will think you are. All of this will, of course, affect your bounce rate. If people are coming and quickly leaving, Google will begin to think that you and your company are irrelevant to searchers.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer