Will these small hacks actually drive more traffic to your site?

Is there anything more important than driving traffic to your site or to your retail outlet? Likely not. So, how can you boost your traffic? How to drive traffic that will actually buy? Here are just a few hacks you can do today that will help you and your business to do just that.

  • Customize your social media SEO and marketing by taking advantage of demographic profiling. Not only can you zero in on exactly the social media customers who are likely to buy from you but you can also work to capture their email addresses. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram should be your main targets for all of this. They have the largest and most diverse audiences that will allow you to bring in those who might actually want to buy what you are selling. Driving traffic and having a captive email newsletter and updates audience should boost your bottom line in no time.
  • Optimize your SEO and stay on top of it. Your SEO marketing is the best tool you have to gain brand recognition and awareness and to drive traffic. In addition, content is, as always, king. You need to be promoting your content and you need to be blogging everywhere that can possibly drive traffic to your site. Your site must exist for only one reason and that is to make conversions when the traffic gets there. If your site isn’t doing this, then you need to redesign until it does.
  • Build your backlinks and exchange as much content as you can with sites that may offer you a different audience that may be interested in your products or services. You will be building valuable links that will help your SEO efforts and you will begin to establish credibility as a brand. Other sites, especially industry blogs, are always looking for fresh voices and content. Contribute and drive traffic for yourself.
  • Create podcasts and webinars and get them out to your potential audience wherever they may be. Video will continue to play a huge role in your SEO marketing efforts and may become a more dominant player than it already is. Again, people may not always read content but they will watch a podcast or webinar if they believe you can solve a problem for them or bring added value to their lives.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer