Why backlinks are key to SEO success

The search god Google has made it abundantly clear that the two major overwhelming factors to your SEO success are content and backlinks. Basically, a backlink is another site, a quality site, that links itself back to your site. The key, as mentioned, is the quality of the sites that link to you. Just having backlinks is not enough. You must be careful about who you allow to backlink to you. To go out and acquire the quality you need will take some planning and more than a few sound strategies.

  • One method of getting those backlinks from a quality site is to go out to those quality sites not currently linking to you. Once you are there, go through their site and check for any broken links. Once you have located a couple, contact them and let them know about them. When you do that, make a suggestion or two about who they might replace them with including your own site.
  • Infographics continue to be one of the most potent weapons in any SEO marketing arsenal. They also have viral potential and offering your own infographics creations is almost a guaranteed way to get some of the most coveted of backlinks. They are extremely popular all over the web and can pretty much guarantee an increase in traffic to your site.
  • Guest bloggers are another great way to pick up some quality backlinks as well as an opportunity to reach an entirely new audience that you had not been previously been exposed to. You also offer the guest blogger the same opportunity to reach a new audience. Not only all of that, but Google loves seeing a site’s content augmented by other industry experts and influencers.
  • Yet another proven way to get yourself some quality backlinks is to go out to sites and companies you want and offer them testimonials for their products and/or services. This works best when you go out to a site that is a complimentary business to your own. You gain some great backlinks, spread some good feeling, and get yourself exposed to yet another audience that just may be able to use your product and/or service.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer