Using video to enhance your personal brand? Why not?

One of the most effective ways to enhance your personal brand is through the use of video. There are so many things you can do with video, and so many outlets to release them, that more than 80% of all small businesses now employ them as part of their overall online marketing strategy. However, this is not an area for amateurs. If your videos are not professionally produced, the effect will be almost nothing. In addition, it also reflects on the competency of you and your business. Produce amateur looking home movies and your audience will think you are an amateur too. So, how to get the most from your video marketing?

  • First thing you need to do is find a SEO firm that specializes in online marketing and has experience producing professional videos for various industries and professions. Then, the first venture you will want to try is tutorials and how-to videos featuring your products or services. You can make these less a step by step situation and more a teaser trailer like those used to advertise movies. It can be an effective commercial of sorts that can be distributed to all of your social media platforms especially YouTube.
  • Produce demonstrations of your product and walk the customer through the benefits of your products. Show them how they work and how they will solve a particular problem for them. Also, go out and find satisfied customers that will allow you to interview them and have them give a testimonial on how your product or service helped them to make their situation better than it was prior to them contacting you.
  • If your business or profession lends itself to webinars then, by all means, start producing them. If you are in, say, the home improvement business, then there are tons of subjects upon which you could do an informative webinar. Finally, use the power of video to take your potential customers behind the scenes at your business. Show them how you operate. Introduce them to your people. Allow them to get to know you. Do that, and you will begin to build trust and likability over time. Remember, people like doing business with people they like and they feel they can trust.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer