Can your SEO be better than it is?

Your SEO has been a critical component to your overall marketing strategy from the beginning. You have been diligently measuring your data and your analytics and your results seem to be where you want them to be. Can you actually make your SEO efforts more effective by concentrating more, perhaps, on a few substantial areas that maybe you have been overlooking?

  • Google may regard itself as the god of search and the extremely annoying “Google it” can still be heard far and wide, but there is simply a ton of search engine alternatives out there that your SEO efforts need to be on top of. Many of these are of a local and regional variety and can be your gateway to establishing dominance in your immediate market. Staying close and connected to where your customers are likely to come from will boost your brand awareness and traffic even more that it already is.
  • One of the important local search engines is, of course, Yelp. Perhaps the best reason to stay connected to Yelp is that all of the major search engines, especially Google, index Yelp and integrate it into their algorithms. You must establish a Yelp file and construct a keyword strategy that will drive traffic. With over 140 million views each month, Yelp is impossible to ignore. Also, a quick FYI, over 60% of Yelp searches are coming from mobile devices. Your strategy needs to be clear and your Yelp page must be attractive and engaging. Driving traffic and garnering good reviews there will go a long way toward boosting your SEO as well as your bottom line.
  • You Tube is considered the largest search engine in the world and savvy businesses know that the must incorporate a YouTube channel in their SEO strategy. With regard to driving traffic and engaging potential customers, few other places are more worthy than YouTube. As potential customers are investigating and evaluating potential purchases, your videos can be the vital information they need. These videos are your commercials. They can demonstrate a service or a product so a potential customer can get a true feel for your offerings. It, also, offers the opportunity for your audience to better get to know you and your company. This allows you to continue to build on the trust factor which, in the end, will boost traffic as well as conversions.
  • Finally, the more targeted and specific you are with regard to your social media marketing, the better it will likely boost your SEO efforts. Too many small businesses try to be everywhere and be everything to everyone. Know who your customers are and know where they are. If most of your potential customers are men, then there is no need to be on Instagram where the majority of the traffic is female. Understand what motivates those at the particular platforms and engage them whenever the opportunity presents itself. Out there, it is all about engagement and conversations. It is all about getting personal and letting them know that you are a company if integrity and a brand they can come to trust and be loyal to.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer