Stepping up your B2B video game

The effectiveness of video marketing is beyond reproach yet, for many B2B companies, they still haven’t looked at the memo. The stats and the trends are undeniable and B2C companies have been using video marketing with great success for quite a while now.  In a recently released report by the B2B Marketing Alliance, they have assembled statistics, research and trends that may make B2B video marketing difficult to ignore. The following is taken directly from their published report:

  • Over 90% of B2B customers are now watching videos online and nearly half of these customers are watching videos for researching products or services. Video enables B2B companies to show the value of their brand and the product/service they offer in a quick, effective, and engaging way.
  • This is where video is proving to be effective. It provides a convenient and simple way for anyone to find out what they need to know within minutes and without much effort. In fact, it’s predicted that online video will account for a whopping 82% of all online traffic in 2022.
  • Search engine algorithms are becoming more and more intelligent, and businesses are adapting to these changes by becoming more and more strategic in how they optimize their online content.Video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are now being used more often to find answers to specific search queries. Even search engines like Google can recommend a specific part of a video that answers the specific search query without the viewer having to watch the entire video.
  • You probably won’t be surprised to find that video SEO is more than just inserting some keywords into the video title and description. You also need to optimize your video tags, titles, file names, and video descriptions with keywords that are relevant to your industry and specific video topic. It’s looking like video is going to become the main way of buying online and researching products/services over the next few years. This means competition for ranking high is going to increase as the number of videos being uploaded will increase. As SEO is fairly new for video marketing, it’s really worth digging into and developing a good strategy for it now, while it’s still in its early stages.

  • The key reason why videos on social media are proving to be so effective is because of their short but engaging characteristics. Clients lead very busy lives; they don’t have time to watch a 20-minute video, they want to receive information in the quickest and most productive way possible. Recent marketing trends are pointing towards the effectiveness of these short-form videos on social media more and more. 68% of viewers watch videos entirely if it’s less than 60 seconds, 25% will finish if it’s under 20 minutes. The fact is as video length increases, the number of viewers that leave increases.
  • 68% of consumers say that watching an online video is now their preferred way to learn about something and 84% of clients say that they are more likely to invest in a product or service after watching a video. These types of videos aim to educate potential/current clients. They’re not sales pitches; they are designed to add extra value to customers and to make them feel like they’re not just being constantly sold too. Also, posting educational videoscan help to boost the reputation of your brand within your specific industry and even act as thought-leadership content, which is particularly helpful for B2B businesses.
  • Giving clients a deeper look into your brand not only intrigues the viewer to watch the video but also helps show the time and effort that goes into your business. Give them a virtual tour of your facilities, or show the inner workings of your software so clients can better understand how and where your product/service comes from. Don’t be afraid to add a personal touch in here too; include your employees in the videos and any fun team events that take place to add a human touch to your brand.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer