How video boosts your brand and drives traffic

When it comes to boosting your brand and driving traffic, few strategies can out perform video. Incorporating video marketing into your overall strategy can effectively provide you with a powerful additional weapon to separate you from your rivals. Small and mid sized companies are beginning to understand the potency of video and are reaping the benefits. Some recently released research done by Hubspot really shines the spotlight on video marketing and demonstrates just how effective this strategy can be. The following is taken directly from that research:

  • 81% of marketers say their primary company has a budget specifically for video marketing, and 52% of marketers said their video marketing budget remained the same for 2022.
  • 42% of marketers surveyed say creating video content through an outside agency has resulted in better videos.
  • When asked what the biggest benefit of working with an agency to create video content is, 68% of marketers point to higher-quality videos that look more professional.
  • 31% of brands publish two to four videos per month.

video marketing statistics: 63% of marketers say trendy content gets the most video engagement

  • According to marketers the top three most important factors for creating effective video content are capturing viewers’ attention in the first few seconds (36%), effectively promoting videos (36%), and keeping videos concise (33%).
  • The most effective video promotion strategies according to marketers are promoting videos on social media platforms (63%), adding videos to the company website or blog, optimizing the title and description for SEO, and running paid ads for videos (47%).
  • 55% of marketers claim video marketing has an average ROI, and 41% of marketers report video marketing having a high ROI.
  • 32% of marketers found the most effective way to generate leads from marketing videos is to place links to landing pages on social media video ads.
  • 36% of marketers say the optimal length of a marketing video is one to three minutes.

video marketing statistics: 55% of marketers use a mix of organic and paid content

  • 39% of marketers report that short-form videos generate the biggest ROI.
  • 64% of marketers surveyed claim say the optimal length of a short-form marketing video is 20-60 seconds.
  • 41% of marketers found the average watch percentage of their short-form videos is between 61-80%.
  • 68% of marketers say content showcasing their products and services generates the biggest ROI.
  • The top channels for sharing or hosting marketing videos are social media (76%), blog or website (55%), email (44%), and Vimeo (31%).
  • The top social media platform for sharing videos is YouTube (70%), followed by Instagram (60%) and TikTok (35%).
  • 54% of companies plan on increasing their investment in videos for TikTok this year.
  • 64% of marketers say their company has the highest engagement when sharing marketing videos on Instagram.
  • According to marketers, the top social media platforms for generating leads from videos are Instagram (66%) and YouTube (59%).

-Written by Kevin Sawyer