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Social media seems to be an ever shifting world where your SEO marketing is constantly changing to try and stay abreast. One thing that can be said for certain is that video will continue to play a major role in your social media marketing plans and video will soon come to dominate the platforms. Recent […]

Incorporating a video marketing strategy into your overall marketing and brand awareness campaigns is crucial to your future competitiveness. Your SEO and brand awareness efforts must move toward video. If you don’t move soon, you risk being overtaken by your competitors. More than half of all American consumers are accessing video in huge amounts via […]

Having your blog or video content marketing piece go viral can be a mixed blessing. But, for the most part, going viral with a piece of content is incredibly helpful to you. What you need to understand, however, is that there are certain strategies entailed in the possibility of something going viral on you. Just […]

Have you been contemplating a move toward video advertising? If you have, you are now officially on the cutting edge, virtually ahead of the curve. Video has begun to make it presence known and savvy marketers are moving toward incorporating more of it into their video marketing presentations.  The major thing to consider is time. […]