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As online marketing strategies begin to focus more on visual content, businesses are finding that the more they integrate it, the stronger their customer engagement becomes. There are many advantages to using visual content in your overall online marketing mix. It draws the eye’s attention quicker than text and tends to enhance any presentation.  If […]

Having your blog or video content marketing piece go viral can be a mixed blessing. But, for the most part, going viral with a piece of content is incredibly helpful to you. What you need to understand, however, is that there are certain strategies entailed in the possibility of something going viral on you. Just […]

Your social media marketing strategy is all about engagement and quality content. There are certain platforms you need to be marketing to but Instagram can be a platform that can help you drive some meaningful traffic in a relatively short time. Instagram offers your social media marketing strategy an opportunity to visually connect with prospects […]

Posted on July 17, 2014 in internet marketing, Marketing, Online Marketing, SEO

Recent research released by the Content Marketing Institute has revealed some startling findings regarding the current state of content marketing. The findings reveal certain trends and challenges for those B2B companies looking to get a competitive edge.  Slightly over 40% of those companies surveyed thought their strategies and tactics were having a positive effect. Many […]

As more and more small businesses take advantage of social media marketing, they are also discovering that there are many nuances to it. A recent research study performed by social media giant LinkedIn, found that well over 80% of all businesses, large and small, have a social media presence. In addition, LinkedIn found that nearly […]

Your social media marketing needs to be one area where you need to concentrate and execute. Social media has become a dominant marketing outlet and you need to be on top of it if you want to use it to your best advantage. Your social media marketing should engage and be structured with only one […]

Most small business owners think they have a handle on their website design. They may even have a vaunted “graphic designer” who tells them this is how their site needs to look. Unfortunately, neither the small business owner, or the “graphic designer”, knows anything about marketing and how to effectively design a site so that […]

You know your social media marketing efforts are critical to your overall success.  You know your looking to build your brand awareness and drive traffic. But what about generating actual leads from your social media efforts?  Launch your lead generation strategy at your top sites like Twitter and Facebook. You will need to take a […]

Gaining a following on social media does not have to be such a complicated endeavor. Some patience, some due diligence, and some consistency are, basically, all you really need.  The major focus of your social media marketing campaign is to drive traffic to your site. That is the only reason for its existence. If it […]

Inbound marketing can play a key role in your overall online marketing strategy. What exactly is inbound marketing? It is the use of various outlets such as social media, blogs, video, webinars, and email campaigns to drive traffic to your site. One of the major advantages of the online marketing strategy of inbound marketing is […]