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Creating a social media strategy is the foundation of your small business in today’s world.

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There is nothing more critical to your survival as a business than the customer service skills of your employees. Those business owners that do not properly train every one of their employees with regard to this crucial skill will find themselves without a business in a rather short period of time. The most effective way […]

Putting together a winning SEO marketing strategy for your business can be hard enough without your not using every possible tool in the toolbox. One of the best tools you can use is a positive review of your business or products. Recent marketing research has found overwhelmingly that more than 90% of all online purchases […]

Social media success can be one of the keys to your overall SEO marketing success. The wind, however, tends to shift rather rapidly out in social media land so here is the most recent marketing data and stats that you need to know and start putting to use for yourself and your business. Believe it […]

The retail industry can be one of the most challenging industries to be in even in the best of times. These days, though, the small local retailer faces so many challenges from small rivals, as well as from the big boys and girls in the game, that it can be difficult to get a handle […]

Social media continues to evolve and morph everyday into a breathing living thing can change in an instant. Your SEO marketing strategies have been focused on certain social media platforms that align with your demographics. There are a few platforms, however, that are starting to make a serious run. Perhaps it is time to re-examine […]

Social media marketing is just as important these days as your SEO efforts and marketing. Most everyone, of course, thinks that they are some sort of expert on social media simply because the have a Facebook page. And, of course, all of these self styled “experts” around you are going to give you tons of […]

Social media still remains one of the best ways to drive traffic and to convert new customers. However, too many small companies are focusing all of their energies at driving traffic and building a following only. Often, this will lead to a serious decline in overall quality at your sites and will, in the end, […]

Your customers are everything. Without them you don’t have a business. If you are not talking to them, and continually staying in touch, you will lose them. That is a simple fact of business and SEO marketing these days. And, you can bet your competitors will be glad to scoop them up from you. So, […]

 Social media marketing has become an intricate facet to any business success these days. The most successful companies know that they need a strong social media component integrated within their overall SEO marketing strategy. If your social media marketing hasn’t been working for you, you need to try some different things. Content, platforms and the […]