One of the best things you can do for the future of your company is to assemble a great team and provide them with competent management. Easier said than done it seems. I can be a challenge to find those employees that will be the right fit for the culture you have established and who […]

As times become ever more challenging for everyone, especially for small businesses, severe challenges continue to arise that could threaten the survival of many small companies. Is your company poised to see the challenges and respond to them so that your business emerges that much stronger? In some recently published data, the US Chamber of […]

Staying optimistic during difficult and challenging times is nothing new for small business owners and entrepreneurs. The last eighteen months or so have been no exception. During that time, small business owners have been assaulted by inflation, a severe worker shortage, and supply chain difficulties. Despite these roadblocks, small business owners remain resilient and are […]

When it comes to boosting your brand and driving traffic, few strategies can out perform video. Incorporating video marketing into your overall strategy can effectively provide you with a powerful additional weapon to separate you from your rivals. Small and mid sized companies are beginning to understand the potency of video and are reaping the […]

Does the design of your company’s website really matter? Actually, the design of your website can be crucial with regard to your company’s overall growth and success. Unfortunately, too many small businesses take a do it yourself approach which can actually be hurting them with regard to instilling confidence in potential customers. Some recent data […]

Is your content marketing strategies even working? Sadly, for many small businesses, their content is not as effective as it needs to be. Many give only a passing effort with regard to their overall content and this is hurting their chances of generating both traffic and leads. In some published research from Hubspot, it focuses […]

As small businesses everywhere continue to navigate through these challenging and shifting times, it is beginning to look like it will be the B2B companies that may face the largest hurdles. As the ever shifting consumer demand reveals new directions, so, too, must B2B companies begin to pivot to make their brands stronger and more […]

If you are not incorporating video into your overall marketing strategy, then it is likely that you are falling behind your rivals who are using it aggressively. The fact that video has begun to dominate as a traffic delivery vehicle is no secret and those businesses that know this are seeing results they have never […]

The importance of being mobile ready has never been more critical for small businesses everywhere. Not only have mobile devices, especially cell phones, begun to take an overwhelming chunk of search queries but have made serious inroads into becoming the dominant factor in ecommerce sales. Are you ready? In some recently released research, Emizentech has […]

Video marketing has established itself as a formidable strategy for both B2C and B2B companies. However, few seemed to have embraced the idea of converting their individual landing pages into a video format; an outright commercial, if you will. There has been some recent data gathered that seems to demonstrate that it just may be […]