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Posted on July 21, 2015 in Marketing, Mobile, Online Marketing, Uncategorized

 After Black Friday, the back to school shopping season is the most potentially profitable for retailers. Most have already made their plans and are putting the final touches on strategies and tactics. If you are a retailer, you had best be ready to go with all of your online marketing already in place. If not, […]

As your SEO and online marketing strategy becomes more and more sophisticated, it is easy to forget about those things that matter just as much but are rarely given a second thought. Your online marketing strategies have begun to work and you are driving traffic to your site. What is everyone finding there? It is […]

Some recent online marketing research has revealed some significant data regarding local search. It appears as if a quarter of all small businesses are not even to be found in the local search databases. If you are among that 25% or so whose business is no where to be found in Bing or Google local […]

  In case you haven’t heard, the hard sell is out. According to Nielsen, what will most effect your brand is peer reviews and recommendations. Because of this, everyone continues to scramble to make online marketing engagement a top priority with regard to social net work and online branding.  While many of today’s online consumers […]

As online marketing strategies begin to focus more on visual content, businesses are finding that the more they integrate it, the stronger their customer engagement becomes. There are many advantages to using visual content in your overall online marketing mix. It draws the eye’s attention quicker than text and tends to enhance any presentation.  If […]

Inbound marketing can play a key role in your overall online marketing strategy. What exactly is inbound marketing? It is the use of various outlets such as social media, blogs, video, webinars, and email campaigns to drive traffic to your site. One of the major advantages of the online marketing strategy of inbound marketing is […]

  While most companies are assimilating Twitter into their overall online marketing strategy, many remain unconvinced that it is doing them any good. Infographic recently released a study they concluded in March that tried to discover exactly how everything is going in the twittersphere.   While nearly 65% consider Twitter an effective outlet for their […]

In the world of online marketing, content is king. Your website content, as well as your marketing copy, is absolutely crucial to the success of your business. Unfortunately, solid website content and sparkling ad copy is hardly the rule. How often has one traveled to a site and had no idea what they were even […]